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Harland & Wolff Collectables

Harland & Wolff, Belfast founded in 1861 by Sir Edward James Harland who later formed a partnership with Gustav Wilhelm Wolff. Throughout the years, the forward-thinking and innovative pair built an extensive range of vessels and infrastructure. These ranged from the White Star Line, the iconic RMS Titanic, SS Canberra for P & O, the Myrina, the first supertanker built in the UK, Cruise Liners and yachts such as the Enchantress. During the Second World War, they built 6 Aircraft Carriers, 131 Naval Ships (Flower Class Corvets) and repaired over 22,000.

Although Shipbuilding has now ceased in Belfast for many years, Harland & Wolff’s reputation as the Greatest Shipbuilders in the World still stands. One of the key features in the Belfast landscape today is the iconic yellow cranes. Since the 1960s, Samson and Goliath have played a key role in both shipbuilding and repairs.

Today, Harland & Wolff are now owned by Infra Strat plc and regularly vessels enter the docks for ship repairs and maintenance.