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Harland & Wolff Rigging Plans

Harland and Wolff Rigging Plans – please contact us directly regarding this product.


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Harland & Wolff Rigging Plans

We have a unique selection of black and white Harland & Wolff Rigging Plans which we will print to order.

Recently, Rigging Plans have been supplied to the bedrooms of the Titanic Hotel, Belfast.  Instead of printing the entire vessel.  They printed sections of these vessels.  Thus making an interesting and modern image.

Names of the Ships available for printing:

Ship Number  613 SS Minnewaska

Ship Number 293 Georgic 2

Ship Number 312 TSS Rotterdam

Ship Number 313 Briton

Ship Number 316 TSS Cymric

Ship Number 318 TSS Brasilia tif

Ship Number 320 TSS Statendam

Ship Number 343 TSS Corinthia

Ship Number 352 T.S.S. Baltic – see Product Image

Ship Number 360 HMS Enchantress

Ship Number 366 Nieuw Amsterdam

Ship Number 421 SS Zealandic

Ship Number 422 S.S. Nomadic

Ship Number 434 S.S. Andes

Ship Number  435 S.S. Alcantara

Ship Number 573 SS Doric

Ship Number 595 M.V. Carnarvon Castle

Ship Number 616 MS Accra

Ship Number 635 Ulster Monarch

Ship Number 649 SS Volendam tif

Ship Number 696 Ulster Queen

Ship Number 697 Ulster Prince

Ship Number 751 Highland Monarch

Ship Number 806 Highland Chieftan

Ship Number 807 Britannic

Ship Number 812 Hghland   Brigade

Ship Number 813 Highland Hope

Ship Number 814 Highland Princess

Ship Number 825 Winchester Castle

Ship Number 852 Reina del Pacifico

Ship Number 992 Rochester Castle

Ship Number 993 Roxburgh Castle

Ship Number 1006 Pretoria Castle

Ship Number 1062 HMS Hibiscus

Ship number 1354 Magdalena

Ship Number 1431 Rhodesia Castle

Ship Number 1432 Kenya Castle

Ship Number 1541 T.S.S. Duke of Argyll

Ship Number 1630 Port Alfred.

Please contact us for more details and prices:

Please email us with the Ship you are interested in. In addition, please include the potential size of plan you require.  Once we receive this information we will contact the Printer for Price and Time Scale.  Once the order is confirmed printing will commence.

The Harland & Wolff Rigging Plans will only be provided in hardcopy and are not available for mass reproduction and sale.


Additional information

Weight200 g