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Belfast Maritime Collectables Gallery

Belfast Maritime Collectables Gallery will show you the variety of products we love to sell. Above all, it is a way of passing on Belfast’s glorious maritime history to you. A way of remembering the Ships, the People and the Stories of years gone by.

Stories to Tell

Previously, we enjoyed telling stories to our visitors at our Shop at Donegall Quay. This was primarily about the Harland & Wolff legacy. Today, we will continue to convey our stories. Furthermore, we will try to answer any questions you may have.

In addition, we look forward to hearing your stories.

Variety of Items

Belfast Maritime Collectables like any Shop around the World has popular items. Here it is the original and individually unique Harland and Wolff  Timekeeping Bourds.  On holding a Board in your hand you are holding a little piece of history! Each one has a different texture, markings and sometimes inscription.  We can identify a number of these in different Shops (Trades) around the Yard.

Unfortunately, we can not identify the number on the Bourd to a Harland & Wolff Worker.

Our popular and exclusive Titanic T-Shirts with ‘she was alright when she left here’® trademark continue to be sent around the globe. We have a small collection of Harland & Wolff Rigging Plans. Sections of these vessels are now on display in the bedrooms of the Titanic Hotel Belfast.

Today, we are concentrating on smaller items, which can be posted or delivered  cost effectively.  In the past, we have sent many items far and wide. For instance, an antique brass Ship’s Wheel to New Zealand, Passenger Lights to Australia, and a Porthole mirror to America!

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If you have a query or wish to have more information on a product please don’t hesitate to contact us.