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"She was alright when she left here"®

“She was alright when she left here”®

The one and only ‘She was alright when she left here’® T shirt!

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Established in 1998 by Derek Booker and Joyce Anderson, we were the first tourist attraction to venture from sailing up and down the River Lagan into Belfast Harbour with the Titanic Story and since then, the interest from people all over the world has been phenomenal.  Our registered trademark sums up the Titanic story as we see it   ‘she was alright when she left here®’! 


Harland-B&W Engines

Sales Catalogue  No 471 Harland – Burmeister and Wain System.

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Shipbuilding and Engineering at Belfast

An Account of the works of Harland and Wolff Limited, January 1952.

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Ship in Bottle

Ship in Bottle with intricate rigging.

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W Douglas Rudgard – Box Engine Divided Scale Rulers

W. Douglas Rudgard – Box set of Stanley’s Engineering Divided Rulers – each ruler has   the Gentleman’s name on it!

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Sikes’ Hydrometer J. Hutchison. Belfast.

Sikes’ Hydromter J Hutchison.Belfast and Book of Tables

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Large antique pulley

Vintage large wooden antique pulley with revolving inner wheels would make a decorative talking point in an industrial / nautical display or in a home as a door stop!

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