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H&W Engineering Drawing28675


Harland & Wolff Engineering Drawing – 28675

Harland & Wolff Engineering Drawing – 28675 of an Air Compressor Cooling Water Bend.  Signed and dated by Mr A West on the 17th November 1926.







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Harland and Wolff Engineering Drawing 26/66106

Harland & Wolff Engineering Drawing 28657

Original Harland & Wolff Engineering Drawing 28657  of an Air Compressor Cooling Water Bend on Linen Wax Paper.

Most importantly, it is signed and dated in Indian Ink by the Draughtsman and the Supervisor on 17th November 1926.

Size 36 x 25 cm

Scale 1 : 2

In pencil, the number 447 is written by hand.  This could refer to the Ship 447G – Attendant, an Elder Dempster & Co Passenger Liner launched on the 10th July 1913.  This could have been a later small modification to the vessel?


Harland & Wolff Engineering Drawings

This collection of Harland & Wolff Drawings are unique with a very distinctive smell and feel to them.   They give you a small glimpse of the Harland & Wolff in the 1930s. Each Drawing is drawn to scale and by hand on the stiffened wax linen paper.   The iconic photographs of the Drawing Offices show the importance of this role.

The very earliest technical drawings are on cartridge paper and tracing paper.  It was found not to be durable enough for frequent printing.  As a consequence, there was a  necessity to find a fabric with a more robust and durable surface.  Linen was in abundance at this time. It was found that if it was treated with a waxy substance it became stiff.  Thereby giving a  surface stiff which was able to withstand frequent alterations in pencil.

Draughtsmen/Architects in the Yard’s light and airy Drawing Offices designed the item or ship to scale in pencil.  Tracers, mainly ladies completed the penciled Engineering Drawings, Plans, and Rigging Plans in Indian Ink.  Once signed off it could be printed and distributed around the Yard.

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