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Vibration Floor Block Abercorn Works

Harland and Wolff Abercorn Works Engineering Floor Vibration Block.  Engines were started up and run for up to 7 days at various speeds, when they were finished testing the engine was dismantled and taken by horse and cart half a mile down the road to the fitting out berth.

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Vibration Floor Block Abercorn Works

Vibration Floor Block Abercorn Works we have a small selection of oiled teak vibration floor blocks from the Harland and Wolff.  These blocks covered the entire floor of the Abercorn Works.  Their purpose was to absorb the vibration of the machinery. The engines were being built and tested at various speeds and durations before being moving onto vessels.   Further sea trials would happen once onboard.

These blocks smell of both tar and oil and are dirty to touch!!

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