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Bombs on Belfast (1941)

Rare 1941 paperback book with many photographs of the Bombs on Belfast, part of the Camera Record.

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Bombs on Belfast (1941) A Camera Record has been handled many times.

It shows the extent of the Blitz in Belfast during April and May 1941 when Belfast suffered many nights of bomb raids from the overhead Luftwaffe.  There was a high death toll and much of Belfast was damaged including many churches, halls, schools shops and homes.   It was from these vast areas of destruction that the foundations of Belfast as we know it now arose.

Each photograph describes where it is and a brief description of what is happening in the area.  For example it shows a photograph of the ‘Belfast Telegraph ‘ Office in Royal Avenue with every window blown out but the building intact. Below this photograph is another photograph of the offices boarded up with the comment ‘Boarded up’ – but still going strong.  The three Belfast morning papers were also published here for a period following the raid.  Life in Belfast continues on!

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