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Brass weathered Boat Builder’s Plaque

Johnson,Sons & Jago  Ltd, Boat Builders, Leigh on Sea, Essex

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H & W Timekeeping Bourd

Own a little bit of Harland & Wolff history, this unique  timekeeping ‘bourd’ dates back to the 1860’s to the 1970’s – ‘No Bourd No Pay’.


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Harland-B&W Engines

Sales Catalogue  No 471 Harland – Burmeister and Wain System.

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Large antique pulley

Vintage large wooden antique pulley with revolving inner wheels would make a decorative talking point in an industrial / nautical display or in a home as a door stop!

£150.00 inc. VAT Quick View

Ship in Bottle

Ship in Bottle with intricate rigging.

£70.00 inc. VAT Quick View

Shipbuilding and Engineering at Belfast

An Account of the works of Harland and Wolff Limited, January 1952.

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Sikes’ Hydrometer J. Hutchison. Belfast.

Sikes’ Hydromter J Hutchison.Belfast and Book of Tables

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W Douglas Rudgard – Box Engine Divided Scale Rulers

W. Douglas Rudgard – Box set of Stanley’s Engineering Divided Rulers – each ruler has   the Gentleman’s name on it!

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"She was alright when she left here"®

“She was alright when she left here”®

The one and only ‘She was alright when she left here’® T shirt!

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Harland & Wolff Engineering Drawing 35/2/84138

Harland & Wolff Engineering Drawing 35/2/84138

Add a little heritage to your home, with a Harland and Wolff ‘Distance Piece’, signed and dated in Indian ink and drawn to scale on very distinctive wax linen paper.

£45.00 Quick View
Large Glass Float

Large Glass Float

Original Large Glass Fishing Float with jute rope.

£86.40 inc. VAT Quick View
Shipbuilders to the World

Shipbuilders to the World

Shipbuilders to the World

125 Years of Harland & Wolff, Belfast 1861-1986 – If you want to know about the history of Harland & Wolff this is a must.

£80.00 Quick View