Sikes’ Hydrometer J. Hutchison. Belfast.

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Sikes’ Hydromter J Hutchison.Belfast and Book of Tables

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Sikes’ Hydromter J Hutchison.Belfast  used for ascertaining the strength of Spirits at Temperatures ranging from 30 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Given it’s age this  boxed Sike’s Hydrometer with an ivory plaque on the front entitled J Hutchinson,  is missing 2 small brass weights out of 10 and also contains the hydrometer, ruler, and thermometer with an ivory back plate.

The book of ‘Tables to be used with Sikes’ Hydrometer’ is dated 1923 and has seen better days but it is all there, bound by threads!   It was issued under the authority of Commissioners of H.M. Customs and Excise and as a pocket edition is priced 1shilling and 6d net.  It would have been originally sold separately to the tools of the trade.

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